Behavior Problems

 This training is for the most challenging of behavior issues! If your dog has any of the following aggression, or fear issues please contact us for an immediate evaluation and further information related to training!



   Social Aggression- This is a dog that has aggression with people, and animals it comes in contact with on the street or outside the home. You will also see this type of dog trying to control or dominate the pack heirarchy. This is very dangerous especially if the dog is able to overpower the owner while outside in public.



   Environmental Aggression- Any dog with environmental aggression will want to guard toys, beds, food, and even your entire home over time! You may also have serious issues with allowing family, and friends into your home due to this aggression. As with social aggression, environmental aggression can be extremely dangerous if it is not immediately fixed!   



   Fear Temperments- A dog who will hide and run from human interaction. These dogs typically have bad nerves or may have been rescued from a past abusive or violent home. Any dog who has this level of fear will avoid loud noises, new people, unfamiliar places, and even sometimes the owner. This level of fear cripples the dog, and any chance of living a normal life.  

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