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Here at Keystone K9 we believe strongly in the early development and training of puppies 6 months and younger. We understand that just like humans our dogs have individual personalities, and temperments, and because of this we tailor the training to his/her individual needs! In these early months of development young pups go through fear periods, and uncertainty related to loud noises, unfamiliar surroundings, and strangers. Through proper socialization, and neutralization we provide your dog with the right training to help reduce the amount of possible behavioral problems in his/her future. This will help build the confidence in your dog and build a stronger, and more trusting bond between the two of you!  This early training will also prepare him/her for future training during their adolecence, and adult years. All training for this program is done one on one with the owner. This helps provide the proper education, and knoweledge needed for the owner to acheive continuous success with their dog. It will also make any transition into future training much smoother, and more clear for the dog to understand and accept.

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